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Non-metal Crowns

What is a non-metal dental crown?

A crown, or a synthetic cap that covers the tooth. It is used to strengthen or restore the function of a tooth that has been broken down. Often times, crowns are used to cover a tooth that has had a large area of decay removed, leaving it weak and hollow. Dental crowns are also recommended to restore a tooth that has fracture lines, or chips in it so that patients can load, or chew on the tooth normally without the risk of breaking the tooth beyond repair.


How is a dental crown made?

Crowns are fabricated in a dental lab and can be made of a variety of materials. Most often, the crown is made of a natural-looking shell of porcelain which is custom shaded to match the patient’s teeth and has a strong core, usually Zirconia. Our Dentists take time to make sure that our patients’ crowns not only function as well as, or better than natural teeth, but are also aesthetically pleasing and natural in appearance.


A row of teeth with a non-metal crown.


Why choose a non-metal dental crown?

  • Because non-metal dental crowns are typically made of a natural-looking shell of porcelain it is possible for dentists to closely match the crown in color and style to the other teeth surrounding it, making a non-metal crown aesthetically pleasing.
  • The strong core of Zirconia used inside non-metal dental crowns provides a reliable and strong tooth patients can continue to use for chewing without worry.


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